About Us

Hello there! Welcome to Matthew Manegre Apparel. 

My name is Suleyka, I'm Matthew Manegre's mother and this is our boutique. When Matthew was 3.5 years old and in the midst of a pandemic, I launched this community from both a passion for sourcing the best children's clothing as well as out of necessity. If you're a parent as well, you most likely know the frustrations of trying to shop for little ones in stores. Dragging one or more little ones around the mall while trying to keep them out of trouble is always a challenge. I found myself shopping online for Matthew and while there's plenty of options to choose from, I didn't find a collection that perfectly suited my needs. From that, Mathew Manegre Apparel was born. 

Our promise to you is simple. We promise that we only source high quality children's fashion. While budget is always a concern for most families, low quality clothing that needs to be replaced before it's stood the test of time doesn't cut it. Sourcing the best children's fashion while also keeping the cost within reason is our first promise to you. Our second promise to you is that we will always provide customer service that will exceed your expectations. While we are starting from humble beginnings, we have big aspirations and we know we can only grow with your support.

Our goal is to earn your support by going above and beyond to ensure every client is 100% satisfied with every order. 

While our primary focus is children's fashion, as we continue to grow so with our collection. We hope that you come back and visit us often to see our newest items as we add them.

If you have any questions, comments, concerns or just want to say hello, please feel free to get in touch.



Suleyka Polanco